Thursday, May 3, 2007

My artwork

Today at work I decided that Craig's new bike would look a little sweeter if it had some custom artwork, instead of just looking all plain Jane yellow.

I decided to take the liberty to simply sketch an idea I came up with, and I gotta admit, it turned out pretty damn sweet. I've never considered myself an "artist"... that is, until now.

Although truly great art needs no explanation, I thought I'd take the time to break this down for all you lowbrows. As you can see, it's a pegasus/unicorn flying over an enchanted forest, leaving a rainbow trail behind him. That's a pond in front of the forest too.

Unfortunately, I only had a black bic pen to work with, so I couldn't convey my entire vision with as much conviction as I would have liked to, but alas, it's still pretty sweet.

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