Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dude, where's my bumper sticker? (Part deux)

Gravel is impressing me more and more every time I hear about him. I haven't watched this entire video yet, but so far it's interesting. By interesting, I mean it's not the same boring shit I'm constantly having politicians cram down my gullet every day.

The country is more divided than ever, and I can't tell the difference between demos and repubs anymore because they're always dodging the same issues. Agree or disagree, I like someone who doesn't avoid the truth.

Btw, he's for legalizing marijuana, if that does anything for ya.


Don said...

I'm officially supporting Gravel.

doug said...

i was just going to get some of those "Gravelmouth" stickers i see on cars.

Don said...


Wii would like to play

Console - 4594-3130-0764-7488