Saturday, April 7, 2007

Something truly disturbing

In my search to keep this blog loaded with entertaining material, I have uncovered some truly disturbing footage. The things I stumble upon can truly shake the foundations of even the most capable minds, but I feel it is my duty to sort through it so others might not have to.

Unfortunately, this video is the most unnatural act I have ever witnessed, and I'm afraid I may never be the same person. It is an old Disney cartoon with Donald Duck as a Nazi, having a wacky adventure in Nazi boot camp. View at your own risk. I couldn't get through the entire thing myself.


Casey said...

This is a war time propaganda cartoon to promote patriatism in children. If you watch all the way through you will see that Donald is mocking the Fuherer the whole way through and he wakes up in the end to it all being a bad dream. They also throw a tomato at Hitler in the last shot. A huge insult for the time. At first I thought that maybe this was the other way around withthe Nazi's promoting Germany with cartoons.

doug said...

I guess it's just the way that propaganda has persisted throughout the ages that makes me feel it's totally inappropriate. It seems to take the Nazi threat too lightly. I mean, they're funny now, but at that time, uncool.

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