Thursday, April 12, 2007

People should not be this good at anything (Part 3)

This first video is simply a recap, as everyone knows about cup stacking and has seen this video...

...but it's the basis for the next one.

Now I know cup stacking is insane, that it takes an extreme amount of dedication, and is totally useless, but this next video blows it out of the water. Who comes up with this stuff? Bonus points for the soundtrack.

[Bonus EDIT] This is a surefire way to make sure you're never invited to parties. Bozo owes this man a lot of chedda.


Casey said...

Do you think these people ever go outside? This is becoming contagious. I first began seeing these "ping-pong" videos a few years back. I have been resisting thus far, but I find the strangest urge to go buy ping pong balls and some "kegger" party cups.

doug said...

The last trick is insane, but I'm still more entranced by the dice guy. I still didn't get my speed stack cups, since someone didn't read my Christmas wish list.

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