Monday, April 2, 2007

People should not be this good at anything

If you know what a skateboard is, you should know who Rodney Mullen is. Here's why.

It's videos like this that made me think I should buy a skateboard and learn to ollie. Another dream unfulfilled.

Also, any gamer (and only gamers) should get a kick out of this unbelievable (literally, I still refuse to believe it) Quake III rocket jumping video, and as every other link to this video also states, ignore the boring intro. Once you get to the parts where they are showing the footage from a 3rd person perspective, you can't stop watching.

Whenever I would try to rocket jump, I'd always just blow up.


Don said...

Dude I have a VHS tape of Mullen doing all that. Got it free with my Globe shoes.

And that rocket jump video was grand. using plasma gun to climb a wall is very cool. I liked the clip where the guy was basically hopping from grenade to grenade like 6 feet above the floor.

doug said...

Yeah, I wonder if that himachi thing works with quake, I have your linux install disk for it yet. I never bothered learning the rocket jump because the best player we had was Bass, and he'd always just kill himself, claiming that it was "supposed" to work.

I was looking up Mullen on wikipedia and stuff, I knew he was older and a pioneer, but not to such a great degree. He invented the flat ground ollie, the flipkick, the heelflip, the impossible, he more or less invented modern skateboarding.

Don said...

I'm sure himachi would work fine, it basically creates a virtual lan, so you just play a lan game. I don't have a linux desktop though. I have my windows Q3 disk but lost the cd key.

mullen going from table to table on just the front or back wheels is nuts. I was trying to guesstimate what his score would be on Tony Hawk 2 and lost track.

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