Tuesday, April 3, 2007


So that rocket jumping video got me thinking about getting back into a little Quake III action. It lead me to OpenArena, an open source standalone package. I'll report back with my findings after I install it and give it a quick test.

Installer links...
Linux - oa060.tar.gz
Windows - oa060.exe

[Followup] So OpenArena seems to be pretty cool. It's the same weapons as Q3, but it seems that the maps are still licensed to ID, so it's all new maps, and that kinda takes the bite out of it.

However, as I was trying to install Enemy Territory, I stumbled upon a mod called TrueCombat: Elite. It's more or less a slower ET, in an attempt to make it more realistic, not to mention it's a modern day setting as opposed to WWII. It's like a cross between Rainbow Six and Counter-strike. It holds up pretty well, I vote we start playing it. I like it a lot more than OpenArena or ET (though my feelings about ET weren't too great to begin with); and even though it's attempting to be more realistic, the gameplay is still fast paced.

(WARNING: Virtual Blood)

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