Tuesday, April 17, 2007

LSD testing is always funny

Seriously, where do I sign up for this kind of testing? Please understand, I'm not trying to glamorize or condone the use of LSD; in my opinion it's one of the most dangerous narcotics out there. It's very easy to develop permanent damage to the nervous system in an extremely short time, which is why I'd like to be in well controlled testing environment. Strapped down preferably.

This is a classic documentary video of troops being tested on LSD. I originally heard they were British, now hearing that they are American, I can't be sure but to be honest I don't see the point in researching it anymore, it's more or less irrelevant.

If that got your attention, then follow this link to a test where they had an artist draw a portrait at regular intervals while under the influence of LSD. Make sure to read the descriptions for each picture, for they're even more entertaining than the pictures themselves.

Just dug up this clip of a woman being interviewed while on LSD. There are a few of these on Youtube, and it's ironic that they are old black and white clips but the people can't shut up about the colors.

Again, I repeat, never EVER take LSD. If you do, make sure you videotape it and send it to me. If some guy asks you to partake in a controlled study of the substance, write up a living will quick, and make sure it's in a lab, not just some guy's van. In fact, never get into "some guy's van". If you do, videotape it and send it to me.

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