Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An atypical Wednesday

So to start things off with, today I finally watched "The Godfather". After playing the game, I was intent to sit down and watch this "classic". I absolutely loved it. It's a great movie, enhanced by my video game tie-in. But outside of the great storyline, unbelievably star studded cast, and superb acting, one thing totally blew my mind. It's so strange to see all these well recognized actors so young. I've seen Pacino young before, but seeing Duvall with hair was just weird, and I've never seen an old Caan movie before. It was like stepping back in time. The thing that "blew my mind" was the fact that Abe Vigoda still looks like he's 1000 years old, and he's still alive today! Seriously?! Anyway, good movie.

Tonight was also the Seibroco tip party, this year at Luigi's. It was a decent meal, an overall good time. It was also the 21st birthday of one of our coworkers, so it was "going out" night. We went straight to Time Out, which was okay, had a couple drinks, played some games, pretty basic. Then we took him out to Top Hat, our cities classiest gentleman's club (which doesn't say much). He had reservations about going, knowing it was his birthday and that he'd probably receive some sort of special ritual; he didn't want to get "beat up" or have his underwear torn apart, or any of that junk. We assured him time after time, that sort of thing is reserved for bachelor parties and the like, not the kind of thing you'd see for just a birthday. We lied.

We didn't let him leave the stage. I love women as much as the next guy, but I don't envy the treatment he got. Honestly, horses don't get ridden this hard. To end the night we had arranged a special "dance" for him (worth every penny), where he was brought on stage and both humiliated and given his manhood in one fell swoop. Between the whip cream treatment and the ice cubes down the pants, I'm not sure I've ever felt my cheeks hurt more.

All in all, it was a pretty typical Wednesday.


Don said...

wtf is a tip party?

Doug Seiler said...

every year irv gets a "tip" from fricke, the guy we always order our concrete from. he then takes that money and buys us a party. it's seriously probably the only incentive to use fricke concrete, it is teh sux.

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