Saturday, March 31, 2007

April Fools

So as I was browsing the internet I started stumbling upon ridiculous articles, like piratebay moving their servers to the North Korean embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, and I realized "April Fools!". Easily the greatest internet holiday there is. has already switched to their April Fools page, here are some sample items.
-Socket Tester
-The R/C Battle Fish
-Caffeine Cigs
Once the page is archived I"ll simply link to the whole thing, I remember when they released "Wheatonix", the operating system coded entirely by Will Wheaton.

[Edit] I had embedded the youtube video for the WiiHelm, but apparently they won't let me do that.
[Double Edit] I also found this story about Gmail's new Gmail Paper feature.
[Triple Edit] I found a link to all previous April Fools Thinkgeek pages.

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